TIM DIFFENDERFER - 36 Volt Battery Charger Golf Cart Charger For Ez Go Club Car DS EZgo
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36 Volt Battery Charger Golf Cart 36V Charger For Ez Go Club Car DS EZgo TXT
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Intelligent Fully Automatic Battery Charger, featuring a trickle charge mode and a pulse mode which is kinder to your batteries. The charger has a built-in Desulfator, which will significantly prolong the life of your batteries and help sustain their performance.  Featuring a digital readout of the voltage and current, informing you of the status throughout the entire charging process. Operates on standard household power (110VAC 60 Hz).


OVERCHARGE PROTECTION: Protects against overcharging; e.g. unlike most other chargers, which run the risk of boiling your good batteries when one or more are bad, our charger detects there is a problem and raises the voltage to its maximum, without overcharging the good batteries

DESULFATION (BATTERY SAVER): Patented Reverse Pulse Charging Technology. Desulfates and rejuvenates batteries by breaking down sulfation crystals and turning them back into electrolytes, thus repairing your batteries throughout the whole charging process

EXTENDS THE WORKING LIFE OF YOUR BATTERIES: Dramatically increases the life of a battery

ELECTRICITY SAVINGS: Regenerated batteries charge quicker, reducing electricity consumption

PROTECTION: Reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental reverse connection or short circuit

DIGITAL AMP/VOLTMETER: Displays charge voltage and other useful information such as battery test and protection codes

COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: Small and light, as we adopt the switch mode technology aka Switching Power Supply. This is different from Linear Power used in traditional chargers. More than 85% of electrical energy is transferred to battery chemical energy, during the charging process, compared with 40% for conventional chargers. This technology is applicable for all battery types (wet, maintenance free, VRLA, AGM, Gel etc.)

HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTION: If the charger itself gets too hot, it will automatically lower its temperature or stop working so that the charger is well protected.

PLUGS: All chargers come pre-configured with a Connector Plug of your choice, i.e. Club Car, E-Z-GO, Forklift, Star, Taylor Dunn, Yamaha, Scissor Lifts, and Others. Please make sure plug matches your cart

Package Includes:

1 x New EzGo Battery Charger

Power Cord

Standard 2 Prong D Style Plug (Powerwise Style) Connector

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